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commercial cleaners in townsville and north queensland
Ardent is THE commercial cleaner in Townsville
We do commercial cleaning in offices, kitchens, factories, offices, building sites, pubs, hotels, motels, everywhere!
But we clean houses too! We can clean your house regular or as a spring clean, do carpet cleaning, curtain cleaning, any type of cleaning, including handyman repairs and gardens.

Vacating your premises at the end of lease? We'll do a vacate clean for you so you can focus on your own business while we make sure you get your bond returned without any hassles. Our bond clean can include repairs to buildings and tidying up of gardens and landscaping.
As experienced commercial cleaners we fully understand how important it is to have your commercial kitchen spotlessly clean to satisfy health inspectors, and to maintain the reputation of your business.
No job is too big for us, we clean industrial sheds and factories of any size, and we can do this at night and on weekends to avoid delays and inconvenience to your business.
A clean factory is a safe factory, and a more enjoyable place to work for your staff.
Nobody wants to receive clients in a dirty messy office, and we can keep your offices in perfect condition, which also creates a safe and enjoyable work environment for you and your staff.

Another one of our commercial cleaning specialties is our builders clean, or construction clean.
We know how to turn a messy building site into an organized tidy site while complying with all occupational health and safety regulations. Many builders have trusted us to do their construction site clean in a cost effective manner, and on time.


Why choose Ardent?

  • All work guaranteed
  • Commitment from a local family business
  • Fully licensed and insured
  • Latest equipment
  • We do everything from cleaning to small home repairs and gardening
  • We accept Visa and Mastercard for all our cleaning work
  • For the larger jobs we travel to any remote location in north Queensland

Welcome to Ardent Cleaning!

Looking for commercial cleaners in Townsville? Ardent is exactly what you need!

We are a family owned local business with a focus on outstanding quality and customer service.
We offer a complete range of commercial cleaning services as we clean everything from defence force facilties to offices and hotels, but also do construction sites and factories.
Pressure cleaning in Townsville is also one of our specialties, you will be amazed at how quick and effective this rejuvenating cleaning technique is.
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commercial cleaners in Townsville

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